Book URL- Online Job-Working Procedure

  • Every day to your personal mail id you will get 60 mails. (Note: Mail id must be minimum of 12 years old (Created before 2010) then only you are eligible for this work).
  • You just have to open those received 60 mails and Read(Few Seconds) or Scroll Up & Down and close, for that you need 10 to 15 Minutes time only.
  • If the mails delivers in Spam then open the mail, and press Report Not Spam option, and later return to Inbox & open the mail again. Repeat the same for all Spam Mails.
  • If the mail delivers in Promotion, then move mail to Primary, and later return to Inbox & open the mail. Repeat the same for all Promotion Label Mails.
  • No need to click on any Advertisement, you just have to open the mails and Scroll up and down two times and close.
  • As per the company policy you have to keep the mails minimum Six (6) months in your inbox, after completion of Six (6) months you can delete the mails.
  • If you follow above procedure only you will get Open count other wise even after opening the mails also it will not trigger in our server, so that you wont get any money for that.
  • You have to do one mail work in one mobile, if you open more than one mail in single phone, your entire work and due payment will be stopped, further you will not get any work from Book URL.
  • You can view all your reports at
  • Company can stop work at any time, it is the companies own discretion, no one has the right to question about it, after clearance of all due payments only work will be stopped.
  • By doing this activity your mail reputation will also increase.